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Insurance Directory, Find La Directory Of Insurance Ideas Washington Idaho Montana New Hampshire Maine Vermont Oregon North Dakota Minnesota Michigan Michigan Massachusetts New Hampshire Vermont Wisconsin Michigan New York South Dakota Michigan Rhode Island Wyoming Massachusetts California Rhode Island Connecticut Nevada Connecticut Iowa Pennsylvania New York New Jersey Utah Nebraska Illinois Ohio Nessippiw Jersey Indiana Colorado Maryland Delaware Virginia Delaware Missouri Maryland Virginia Kansas Virginia Kentucky Maryland Arizona North Carolina New Mexico Tennessee Oklahoma Texas South Carolina Georgia Alabama Mississippi Louisiana Alaska Florida Alaska Alaska Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Alaska Alaska Hawaii Hawaii Alaska Hawaii Alaska Hawaii Hawaii Washington DC Washington DC Have you ever asked for an insurance quote on a website that promised you huge savings? Did your phone ring off the hook afterwards? At LA directory of insurance, we have over 14,000 agents in our insurance directory. You contact them directly to get a quote. Your information is NEVER SOLD to other agents. Start your search by clicking on a state.

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At LA Directory, we give our customers the power to choose and protect their information. No one wants their mobile phone number sold to dozens of insurance agents. That happens too often online. That's why we can offer a 100% guarantee that your information is NEVER SHARED because you are in the driver's seat HERE! Search through our extensive insurance directory of accredited agents. You contact them directly. It is the ONLY 100% SECURE WAY TO GET AN INSURANCE QUOTE! Take out the middle man and contact the insurance agent of your choice. YOU'll SAVE MONEY and all YOUR INFORMATION IS 100% SECURE! 

How is LA Directory Different from Other Insurance Quote Sites?
Other sites ask for all your information. Your information is then sold to several agencies that begin the process of soliciting your business. Our insurance directory allows you to contact the agent of your choice directly. You can select 3 agents to provide an insurance estimate if you wish. The benefit of having control saves you money while limiting the number of calls you receive from agents to achieve your desired price and policy. For example: if you contact 2 agents for bids, you will only have those 2 insurance agents contact you. 

How Much Can I Save using the LA directory?
Because you are contacting the insurance agent directly, this decreases the agents' advertising overhead. Average annual savings on a car insurance policy: $437 annually! Agents love our service and reward their customers that go through our insurance directory.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Insurance Quote?
Once you contact an agent from our insurance directory expect an immediate response from our system followed up by your selected agent typically within 24 business hours.

What if I am an Insurance Agent that Wants to Be Listed in the LA Directory?
Our PRO members are accredited agents from or Becoming a PRO member requires a an interview and a one-time set up fee of $99. Your insurance directory listing can be used to promote your brand and attract customers that are looking for insurance quotes.

Do You Offer Spanish Speaking Insurance Agents?
YES! Through our membership site, you'll find a variety of Spanish speaking insurance agents within our LA Directory. Search Seguros throughout the insurance directory.